Managa Quarantine

10 basic work from home rules

Is your business impacted by the corona virus?

Are you working from home?

Folow these 10 guidelines through your working day:

  1. Check your company telework/homeworking policies
  2. Prepare as if you were to go out: shower & get dressed!
  3. Define your work environment: think “Clean desk” and maximize natural light
  4. Be carefull for your data and connection security when working from home. Quarantine dubiuos mails and check with your IT department.
  5. Connect with your colleagues and set clear goals for the day.
  6. Respect your schedules: take breaks and make a clear distinction between your working time and your free time.
  7. Do not do anything else during working, you do not cook or put the trash outside the office too, do you?
  8. Do you have coordinates of all team members or they need to be shared within the team?
  9. Specify common goals and make sure the team planning is visible.
  10. Keep calm and support your business with the right attitude.

Indien u meer informatie wenst over de inhoud, kan je steeds vrijblijvend een afspraak aanvragen.